Product Presentation

Grand Flodden Farm processes and markets a great variety of products made from the mohair produced by angora goats : socks, blankets, pullovers and cardigans, shawls and stoles, scarves, neck warmers, mittens, tuques, berets and headbands, ponchos, purses and accessories. Aside from machine-made socks and blankets (though the inventory of blankets is still very limited), all other products are made by hand.

Each piece is unique. None is mass-produced or made on an assembly line. Louise Lauzon, assisted by a weaver and another few knitters who work by hand, knits and dyes all garments.
She never works to order.

It is impossible then to buy these products from Grand Flodden online or by catalogue. As Grand Flodden has no boutique and does not sell at the farm, to see and procure them you must go to one of the numerous fairs or exhibitions where Grand Flodden holds a stand. See EXHIBITIONS for the list of fairs being held this year.